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A short article from The Copenhagen Post Online caught my eye.  It doesn’t say much, the main point is:

A dead dolphin was found on Grenen at Skagen, the northernmost point in Denmark. Dolphins are a rare guest in the Danish waters.

Dolphins?  Rare?  In Denmark?  Isn’t this the country that got us all up in arms a few years ago when it emerged that they were in the habit of mass killing dolphins for food or sport (attribute a motive according to your own view on the matter) on a regular basis?

Well, a few minutes research showed me that the controversy had been in the Faroe Islands, a territory of Denmark 1000km away from the mainland in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Apparently there are no shortage of dolphins there.

In the waters off Jutland on the Danish mainland, however, things are apparently quite different.  However, I’m not sure that dolphins are quite as rare in that area as the article suggests.  The Handbook of Marine Mammals , for example,has this to say about White-beaked dolphins:

White-beaked dolphins are common in the northern and central North Sea and in the Skagerrak between Jutland (Denmark) and Norway (Kinze et al., 1987, 1997).

Porpoises are certainly common in Danish waters.  There is even an organisation, Fjord & Belt, who keep four in captivity and appear to offer open sea trips to view them.


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